Monday, 15 November 2004


I haven't blogged for the last couple of weeks because I have spent the time doing various things of a bizarre / boring nature.

a) Removing a thin film of jam from the inside of B's car, and the set and slide projectors belonging to the theatre company B is working with at the moment that were in the car when the Jam Event took place.


Inadequate pot lids on eight jars during journey home from Somerset.

Types of jam:

plum, rasperry, blackcurrent.

Removal difficulty on scale of 1 - 10:

Plum - 6, Rasperry - 8, Blackcurrent - 11.

Mental notes to self for future whilst travelling with jam:

1 Place jam in upright position.

2 Pack jam well in upright position.

3 Do not place badly packed jam next to expensive technical equipment.

4 Travel with babywipes.

b) Getting the windscreen wipers on B's car fixed. You wouldn't think this was complicated, would you? Take car to garage. Get them to fix wipers. Collect car when completed. It has taken them three days and numerous apologetic phone calls, partly because they broke another bit whilst replacing the bit that was already broken. I have decided that I would almost prefer to stop the car every hundred yards and scoop the rain off with a tea-spoon than go through the process again.

c) Trying to co-ordinate and book a christmas outing for the small number of people who have worked for us this year. I am not going to bore you with this one.

d) Obsessively bidding for wool on ebay. Everyone I know is going to get a matching tea-cosy, hat, scarf, mitten and egg-cosy set for christmas. However, I now have so much wool that I can't pick a colour to start knitting with. [sigh]. I thought I'd bid for something small to try to overcome my Range Cooker Obsession - however, I probably have enough yarn to knit my own range now, so not sure if this strategy has worked.

e) Travelling around the country after B like a lost puppy. He has been on tour with a contemporary theatre company, which has involved small arts-centre-type venues such as Portsmouth, Coventry and Uley. The (brill) Prema Arts Centre in Uley is in an old church in a small village in Gloucestershire and is allegedly run by vampires ... at least, that is what one of the actors I spoke to last week had concluded. She searched the whole venue without finding a mirror in which to check her costume.

Anyway, we are now home.

Good things about this include:

Sleeping in ones own bed

There was only one pile of cat-sick to clear up

The house is warm

Bad things:

Postman had left ebay parcel of Dorothy L Sayers novels on the step in the rain. Luckily they were already slightly foxed.

B has gone off again today for a couple of days and I am looking forward to a few evenings alone with Lord Peter Wimsey.

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