Monday, 4 October 2004

rotovating your way towards a hip replacement

Edwin, who is 'the boy who does the heavy work' on my mother's farm, is waiting for his second hip replacement.

He is seventy six.

He had his first hip replaced about six months ago. We finally convinced him to go to see his GP to get referred when you could hear the hip popping in it's socket as he walked.

Oh, and he couldn't move around without two sticks.

This became apparent when someone had to go and find him one lunch-time ... he had started rotovating in one of the greenhouses and left his sticks at the top of the span. When the rotovator ran out of fuel at the bottom of the span, he had no way of getting back to his sticks.

In a way this was funny.

He is waiting to have his second one done now, and Ma is desperately trying to get him to ease off on the heavy work until afterwards.

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