Monday, 11 October 2004

ken bigley

I realise that most of the bloggers in the UK have probably been commenting on Ken Bigley's death ... however, I still want to put my twopennorth:

  • He had apparently worked widely in the Middle East, and therefore presumably knew the risks he was undertaking.
  • He had weighed these up against altruism and the financial rewards and made the decision that taking the risks was personally worthwhile.
  • Thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed in the conflict. They had no choice about whether to become engaged with it or not.
  • Hundreds of soldiers have been killed in the conflict. Ditto.
I have deep sympathy for both him and his family. However I feel that the media have made a circus out of the event and a similar hysteria has been whipped up to that which occured when Princess Diana died. It is out of proportion to the event itself and does not make any of the issues involved either easier to understand or to address.

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