Wednesday, 20 October 2004

aga saga

I have become obsessed with range cookers. When we bought our house, the builders pulled down a partition wall in the kitchen kind-of-by-mistake (err, I told them to do it whilst B was out) and found a huge fireplace (so a good decision after all, thankfully).

It was immediately obvious that an aga or raeburn-type range cooker would fit in the space beautifully, but equally obvious that we couldn't afford one yet ... which is where we still are at the moment. However ... as the mornings are getting colder I am spending more and more time on ebay looking for the ideal range.

Pros: They keep the house lovely and warm; they become the heart of the home; you can cook brilliant toast on them; you can cook for a family of twenty easily; it will heat water for you and some of them will run central heating; you can put sick baby animals in the bottom oven (REMEMBERING TO LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN) and they get nice and warm and well again; your tortoise can get warm in the same way when it wakes up in the spring; you always have dry tea-towels; the kettle doesn't take very long to boil as it is always warming; and finally, they evoke childhood memories for me, as I grew up with a solid-fuel aga.

Cons: Even if we bought one on ebay for bobbins we would still have to pay out to have it fitted - this would involve putting a flue up through the floor of the bathroom and out of the roof and would probably cost more that we would pay for a second-hand range; it is environmentally unfriendly and expensive as it would be on all the time; we don't have a family of twenty, any sick baby animals or a tortoise; we already have a perfectly adequate combi-boiler and central heating system.

I am not letting any of this get in the way of a good bout of obsessive behaviour though.

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