Wednesday, 29 September 2004

the madness the madness the madness

I like September. September is a month of fruition, pleasing sunsets and being able to have a fire again without feeling guilty. However, it is also the month of THE MADNESS THE MADNESS THE MADNESS, workwise. The conference season has begun. All over the country HR departments are gathering their flocks in hotel conference suites and subjecting them to productivity graphs and motivational tirades, before announcing redundancies.

As a company, this is very good for us, as all of these events need lighting, sound and someone to operate the powerpoint presentations.

Personally it is less good, as sleep seems to get moved quite low down the list of priorities. The HR departments like to cut costs by requesting that technicians turn up on site at 6am, rather than doing the decent thing and paying extra for the conference room and some accommodation so that it can all be set up the day before. When the post-conference dinner finishes at midnight, with the newly motivated / redundant staff retiring for the night, very relaxed and often in couples, the techs still have a two or three hour get-out to do before they can drive home.

The EU Working Time Directive is inefficiently applied in the AV industry and it has a very high divorce rate.

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