Friday, 10 September 2004

solo success

R's solo job went very well ... he seems happy, the client seems happy, B is happy. Muchos happiness all round.

They came back from day two of the same job yesterday in paroxyms over the guy setting up the satellite connection for today's presentation (of live eye surgery. Yeuch.). Not only is satellite time expensive, but slots have to be booked in advance even for an equipment test. Yesterday's conference session over-ran by twenty-five minutes and Satellite Guy was so wound up about making his test slot that he was shouting at the techs within five minutes of entering the room. Rather than this motivating them in any way to help him, they christened him "Stressed Ivor" and B had to go outside when one of the other guys started air-guitaring along to "Under Pressure".

Ironically, if he'd spoken to them in the afternoon break they would have had it all set up for him ready.

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