Thursday, 30 September 2004

extension work

Scary conversation I had yesterday with my mother:

Ma: Your father's home from hospital dear, he came home this afternoon. (He's been for about a week, for some angioplasty and to have a vein tied)

Me: Oh, great. How's he getting on?

Ma: Quite well. They asked him whether he wanted to keep the cathether in, but he said no.

Me: Ah.

Ma: (continuing, oblivious) ... so really, all he needs is an extension.

Me: Pardon?

Ma: Well dear, as he's got older, everything has *shrunk*, so he can't aim so well. He keeps missing the bottle.

Me: Ah. I think my 'call waiting' is going. Can I call you back some time when I've scrubbed my mind?

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