Thursday, 12 August 2004

tractors, windows xp and unadulterated fear

Last night I dreamt I went camping with some friends of friends that I have been hearing a lot about recently, and they drove to the campsite in their tractor. Everyone was worried that the tractor was going to break down, because it was running on Windows XP. It was very unnerving.

Today, I am

1 Making pop-up windows pop efficiently in my software for a client

2 Drinking tea and eating custard creams


3 Watching the son of the chap across the road decimate his garden with what appears to be a small chainsaw.

Working from home rocks.

I am having relatively frequent 'rabbit in the headlights' moments, workwise ... we are in the fantastic position of having too much work and have been debating whether or not to take someone else on for some time. Finally, we've made the jump and offered a job to a friend of ours, R. We have offered him a four month trial period - because that is the amount of time we can afford to pay him for if work doesn't pick up as we hope it will. He starts Monday. Our calendar for the autumn is filling up and our marketing campaign seems to be paying off ... fingers crossed. B keeps joking that instead of just the one wife, he now has two wives and two children to support. Sometimes this is funny, sometimes it makes me want to go and hide in the wardrobe.

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