Thursday, 26 August 2004

ten(ish) historical(ish) facts

  1. I grew up in Somerset, on a seven acre smallholding where my parents and sister still live.
  2. I went to a boy's boarding school, but not, for obvious reasons, as a boarder.
  3. No-one told me about computers at school, or any other interesting alternatives to (the current) mainstream academic courses or careers. I still have a deep and abiding resentment about this.
  4. Until I left school, I made my pocket money by selling eggs and cakes at the local market.
  5. Since then, I have worked for roughly twenty different companies in various roles, including:
    • Project co-ordinator for the network testing department of a large mobile phone company, on the edge of London
    • Secretary to the MD of a cider-makers, in Taunton
    • GIS analyst-programmer to a national telecoms company, in Cardiff
    • Adult education tutor, teaching IT at various community education centres, in South Wales
    • Admin assistant at various companies too mean to employ enough staff on a permanent basis, all over the country
    • Tutor of IT and Jobsearch skills to the long term unemployed, for a breathtakingly incompetent training company locally
  6. I got interested in 'the paranormal' in my teens and let it drop when I went to college. Then about five years later a variety of wierd things happened which meant I had to make a choice about whether I was sensitive to that kind of thing, or just hearing voices in my head. I find 'psychic' a much more comfortable label than 'schizophrenic'.
  7. I once lived with someone for almost twelve months before I realised that he was lying about almost every aspect of his life before he met me.
  8. B proposed to me in torrential rain on New-Year's Eve under a lamp-post with a 'no dogs fouling' notice fixed to it.
  9. Becoming self-employed is the best decision I ever made, despite the sick feeling I get when I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about money.
  10. I used to do triathlon for the pony-club and loathed every single minute.
  11. I would like to keep ducks.

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