Tuesday, 10 August 2004


I had a 'real-dream' last night. I dreamt that I met P, who was one of the first people I got involved with when I first started to get interested in energy and healing. I went to a group run by her and her husband over a winter about ten years ago. We did meditation and 'psychic development' and talked a lot about what we felt was going on. In retrospect, I don't think they were an awful lot more experienced that I was, but P was very confident. She earnt her living as a complementary therapist, and I think was quite good at it. When I left the area I lost touch with them.

In my dream, she was sitting on a chair in a sunny lane that B and I were walking down. She asked me to give her reiki, as she had been working with someone who had cancer (ie, she'd been giving them healing) and it had made her ill. She could hardly stand up. It was a very 'real' dream and I woke up with the energy running through me really strongly. If I was an engine, the motor would have been going at full wack but the gears wouldn't have been engaged. It took me quite a while to centre myself and ground the energy and then put my protections up again. I also saw a bungalow on a cliff in the dream and had the name 'Northcliffe' in my mind very very strongly.

I frequently have very strange dreams - probably the product of an overactive imagination and too much cheese for tea - but 'real-dreams' like this one don't happen to me very often at all. It was unnerving and I felt that it wasn't very healthy.

Camping? Camping was fun. Hot. Wet. Thundery. Hot. But fun. Despite the fact that I had three panic attacks in three days, the most severe of which involved me extracting the house keys from B by threatening to create a scene in the street, and legging it in the middle of Keswick. It didn't last very long though, and it was reassuring to notice (by looking at parking ticket when I got back to the car) that B had estimated that the length of the attack would be no longer than two hours.

Other things we did ... walked (as fast as a three year old), ate, drank, paddled, swam, chilled out. We are going back later in the autumn for an adults-only walking weekend.

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