Thursday, 19 August 2004

quality management and poultry keeping

My title is taken from a quote by Dorothy Parker, allegedly quipped at a halloween party where guests were 'ducking for apples'. "Change one letter" she said, "and it's the story of my life". An omnibus edition of her writing would probably accompany me to my desert island - if no omnibus was available at the time, I would settle for collected poems.

Today I am making marketing phone calls, to find out the name of the person responsible for Quality Assurance in companies before we send them a leaflet about our fantastic and necessary services. You would be surprised how many people have no idea either a) who the Quality Manager is for their training company, or, indeed, b) what Quality Assurance is.

Yesterday I became so frazzled by this that I phoned my mother instead. Oddly, she actually picked up the phone ... odd because at this time of year she is normally unavailable between the hours of sunrise and sunset, due to the whole 'wresting a living from the bones of the earth' thing. She is very happy because she went to an auction on Saturday and bought some more chickens. The chickens are fancy breeds, silkies, silver old dutch bantams, verevolts (I can't find out how to spell this, so this is phonetic) and salmon faverolles (which I initially thought were a kind of vol-au-vont). There are now quite large Chicken Integration Issues, which appear to be being resolved by shutting all the new birds in with the corresponding old birds and letting them sort it out for themselves. Kind of like primary school.

I am jealous. I earnt my pocket money in my teens by supplying the local area with eggs, and I kept a few fancy chickens as pets. We don't have room in our yard here for full-sized birds, although we may have room for something tiny, like the Old Dutch ... but since our neighbourhood is saturated with cats (of which, two are ours) I am not sure that it's a good idea.

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