Tuesday, 24 August 2004

ethical eating

In our continuing quest to start to try to live by our principles, we got our first organic vegetable box delivered on Friday. I am not sure what I feel about it. I'm not too fussed about organics per se - however, I do want to support local growers and this seems like a good way to do it. For our ten quid we got:

1 cabbage

1 cauliflower

a bunch of carrots

a bunch of spring onions

a bag of potatoes

4 bananas

2 oranges

We have still had to buy (from our local co-op):




So quite a big part of our £30 a week housekeeping budget is going on fruit and veg.

We have managed to use all of the box this week and make some pretty interesting meals. My doubts about it include:

  1. Wondering about what variety we are going to get. I like cabbage curry, but not necessarily every week.

  2. I am not very happy about having stuff that has been flown in from abroad. Poor use of resources, global warming, fair trade implications etc. etc..

We have got another three weeks of our trial period left and then we're going to make a decision. We may ask them not to include imported stuff in the box. The farm say that they grow 83% of the stuff they sell, so that should still leave us a wide variety. I like the 'Ready, Steady, Cook!' aspects of the box ... it does make planning meals more fun.

Our next aim is to find a local source of meat. I suspect that if we want to stay within our budget we will be eating less of it. Someone like my esteemed Ma would be great - it is coming up to lamb slaughtering season again for her, so we will be putting our order in.

Some stuff on this in The Guardian.

Today's tasks ... more pop-up window twiddling. And a bicycle-driven cake-visit to see D this afternoon if she is in.

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