Wednesday, 25 August 2004

compromise disagreements

The sheer incompetence of The Company That Cannot Be Named still baffles and angers me. I finally contacted the (very efficient) solicitor this week, to see what had happened to the cheque that was TCTCBN's sealer for the compromise agreement that we have been thrashing around since April. Apparently it was posted on 23rd July. To my old address. That I left eighteen months ago. And informed them about at the time. My infrequent post from TCTCBN has been coming to this address, all my correspondence with the personnel office, the union and the solicitor has been sent from this address ... . If I was less tired of the whole thing I would be bashing them out a stiff email.

The solicitor reported back that the head of personnel had asked if I still had access to the address, and if so, couldn't I just pop round and get the cheque. To which I replied in the negative, in what I though was quite a controlled fashion, given it was rented from an agency, we left it so long ago and it's been sold since. And it's been a month since they posted the thing anyway. Didn't they wonder why I hadn't cashed it?

Over the course of last year, TCTCBN consistently asked me to perform tasks well outside my job role (how many part-time CLAIT tutors do you know who are also asked to perform major sys admin tasks on a daily basis, to the detriment of lesson delivery?), failed to give me any support getting my extremely challenging client group in to the classroom ("Oh, Ally, you won't have anyone in your class today, they're all weeding the garden, because the board of directors are coming to visit tomorrow"), sexually discriminated against me ("You're only worried about people looking at porn and snuff sites and bullying each other because you're a girly. Much worse things happened when I was in the RAF.") ... and then tried to blame the fact that they were failing to meet their pass rates for drawing down funding on me.

Never mind that some of the students couldn't actually read and often this didn't come to light until they started IT sessions. And of those that could read, about half of them already had the CLAIT qualification upon which the funding depended so couldn't be included in the statistics. And that a lot of students didn't turn up for work on a regular basis anyway. And the ones that could read, didn't already have the qualification and did turn up for work (still with me?) were pretty disenchanted about any sort of classes. And were being told by management that they'd have a job at TCTCBN after their twelve month training period was up so didn't see why they needed to look for a job in my sessions every week. And so on and so on until boredom did us part.

I ended up going off on long-term sick with panic attacks, persistent migraine, blindness in one eye and parathesia in one arm, all down to stress.

Hence the compromise agreement.

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