Friday, 2 July 2004

the WI


Or 'Mrs R'. Works p/t at M&S. Deadpan, clever, under-achiever. Two pre-school children, slightly harrassed by both them and R. Has hollow legs when chooses, but also a sense of maternal responsiblity. Married to R.


Lecturer at local teacher-training college. Competent, witty, archetypal teaching professional. Dislikes swearing, unless it is the phrase 'cunt-twat', used whilst driving. Married to Tom, rock-and-roll sound-engineer, wants to start family.


Paediatric nurse. Talkative, cheerful, rants when drunk. Astronomer. Lives with Nick, computer game graphic designer.


Assistant psychologist, in to film and cult tv. Good at Russell Crowe impressions. Scarily sarcastic. Going out with Nathan, Sys Admin.

We meet on an irregular but frequent basis to eat, watch crappy eighties movies, drink too much wine and of course, talk. Normally we are home in bed by 9.30 after an evening's 'meeting'.

Our respective partners think this is funny.

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