Wednesday, 28 July 2004

crew list

Some people who may, or may not, feature. Is not yet alphabetical, but I will organise it properly one day:

Blog owner. Ex software engineer and archaeologist. Self-employed IT consultant. Sometime spiritual healer and reiki practitioner. Grew up on small-holding in Somerset. Married, mid-30's, no children.
Likes: food; sleeping; tea; poultry.
Dislikes: lying; fizzy drinks; nylon sheets.
Ally's husband. Lighting designer and AV technician. Creative, tolerant and all round nice chap. Slightly dreamy.
Likes: camping; dungeons and dragons; cheese.
Dislikes: being shouted at for being slightly dreamy.
Friend, colleague. Ex cinema manager.
Likes: climbing; his family; being cynical.
Dislikes: stupidity.
Ally's Mum. Sixty-something small-holder. English eccentric.
Likes: growing things; animals; pottery.
Dislikes: selling the stuff she grows; paying for parking; towns.
Ally's Dad. Eighty-something small-holder. Quite infirm.
Likes: cactus; speculating about space travel; a good argument.
Dislikes: people; travelling further than twenty minutes in the car; anything, temporarily, for the sake of a good argument.
B's Mum. Dynamic. Sometimes works with Ally. Takes on too much and then gets stressed. Likes to think the best of people.
Likes: Greece; wine; helping people.
Dislikes: working; not living in Greece; having to do all the stuff she's said she will.
B's Dad. Retired communications engineer. Artist. Mr Darcy.
Likes: painting; Greece; DIY.
Dislikes: Not much, but his good opinion once lost is lost for ever.
Aunty Kate
B's Great Aunt. Recently deceased at age of 86. Lived with Kate and Vic for a few months before her death. Pragmatic, practical and genuine.
Likes: naughty humour, whisky and lemon, her grandchildren, laughing.
Dislikes: I really can't think of any.
Ally's younger sister. Medical rep.. Lives next door to parents.
Likes: living on small-holding; her job; Terrible Tony.
Dislikes: Ally's sense of humour.
Terrible Tony
Natalie's on-off boyfriend. Has hair gathered in small pony-tail in mistaken impression this it makes him look cool. Is health and safety consultant.
Likes: scuba-diving; head-games; spending money.
Dislikes: commitment; saying 'thank you'.
Uncle Horace
B's uncle.
Likes: betting on the horses; The Antiques Roadshow; Australia.
Dislikes: none.
Crazy Tom
Ex boyfriend of Ally's. Bonkers. Possibly manic-depressive.
Likes: tanks; explosives; knives; role-playing; his mother.
Dislikes: washing; not having his own way.
R's Mum-in-law. Has got involved doing some typing with Ally for Harry-the-illuminated-one. Also teaching Ally and B french.
Likes: France; Egyptology
Dislikes: Too polite to say.
PL - Polish Lodger
Final year student who rented room from Ally and B during summer 2005. Hard working skater dude.
Likes: Liverpool FC, computers, his girlfriend.
Dislikes: cleaning jobs, but he does them anyway, because in Poland you only make 50p an hour at that kind of thing and here it's a fiver.
PLG - Polish Lodger's (Ex) Girlfriend
Late teens, slightly dappy (now ex) girlfriend of PL.
Likes: PL, lots. Toilet roll. Giggling.
Dislikes: not having enough personal space whilst sharing our house.
PLGC - Polish Lodger's Ex- Girlfriend's Cousin
Stayed in England for a while late 2005/early 2006 to earn some money whilst sorted out life. Cheerful, friendly, nice to live with. Is cousin of Polish Lodger's Ex- Girlfriend's cousin
Likes: chocolate; gossiping; running.
Dislikes: eating too much chocolate; getting up early to go to work.
'The boy' who does the heavy work on Ally's Ma's farm. Is in his mid-seventies, with two artificial hips and a hernia.
Likes: salvaging things from the tip; slightly blue jokes; people.
Dislikes: driving too fast; city people.
Invisible Lodger
Pays Ally and B a monthly retainer to use as a postal address and accommodation on occasional visits to the area.
Likes: Don't know, never speak to him.
Dislikes: Ditto.
New Polish Lodger
Current lodger. Young Polish chap who has just split up with his girlfriend and come to England for a change of scene and to look for a job.
Likes: Not yet known
Dislikes: Not yet know
Semi-Invisble Lodger
Rented room during week for a couple of months early 2006 while working in area. Appeared to have done a flit and defaulted on rent but eventually paid.
Likes: Skiing; Crap DVDs; Hiding girlie mags inside his Snowboarding magazines.
Dislikes: Commuting around the country with work; not being able to afford enough skiing holidays.

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